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I have known Dan Dates, DBA Maine Circuit Electrical, for several years. He became our electrician as the result of a referral from one of my tax clients. I have that client to thank, indeed.

Dan’s first task was rewiring a newly constructed storage room, and that was followed by a complete rewiring of a two-story home. A challenging task, given that the barn is circa 1790, as is the Cape Cod to which it is attached. Anyone who lives in a much older home knows from experience that they represent a real challenge for the electrician. I think Dan’s diagnostic skills can be attributed in part to his engineering background. He has crawled under our deck, our barn, and gone into practically unreachable places in the old dirt floor basement. He has been confronted with a myriad of problems in our home, trying to undo the absolute disaster created by one of those “part time” electricians back when we first bought this house in 1976.

The 100 amp circuit box was labeled incorrectly as to what circuit breaker was for what circuit. Junction boxes were found to be way overloaded and unsafe. Dan has discovered receptacles in ceiling fixtures that were not even set in a box. He has discovered rodent damage that was a potential disaster waiting to happen, and he has a few effective tricks up his sleeve when confronted with that problem. Recently, during an entire bathroom makeover, he found a life threatening situation that was so buried and dangerous, that had we not been removing an old bathtub, we stood a good chance of electrocution! His work has always been of high standard, and I like that he takes pride in his profession by going the extra mile in almost every case. Not only do we have a much safer home due to him, we also have peace of mind. I couldn’t recommend him more highly, and he cleans up after himself! How often do you see that? – Barrett and Linda Winstead, Rockland, Maine

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